Watch In Detail As Matt Sison Uses The Reflective Transformation System To Help A Client With Food Binging

If you’ve already watched Matt’s sessions with Julia, these two sessions will take your understanding of The Reflective Transformation System to even greater heights.

Matt, once again, will break down these 2 Reflective Transformation System For Food Binging sessions in detail! He’ll explain exactly what he’s doing during the sessions and why he’s doing them, just like he did with the Julia sessions. You’ll watch over Matt’s shoulder as he works with his client using The Reflective Transformation System.

In this series, Matt will further share and explain more deeply how to help your clients move through some of the toughest issues.

What is particularly fascinating about this series, is that the client is one of those clients that has a thick analytical mind. You know those clients… You try everything to get them into their subconscious mind but are met with block after block after block of analytical thinking.

More so, she poses a particular challenge because she wants to just overly out-think her negative feelings. You’re going to love this series!

The Bonnie Sessions

What Are Others Saying About The Reflective Transformation System For Food Binging Video Series

Hi Matt

Just a short note to put down in words my enjoyment at watching and learning from the video you shot with Bonnie.

These sessions were in complete contrast to the Julia videos in that they are an excellent representation of the typical clients I see who are out of contact with their feelings, what’s going on inside their body, and how its communicating to them.

It highlights many points, and to me the key is persistence. It would have been so easy to change tack with her and go to a direct suggestion or NLP route as she seemed insistent, initially, on staying with the old behaviour of surface positive talk which was getting her no where.

Your patience and belief in the process shone through strongly and highlighted how to work with a client of this type. This is something that I’ve never seen in any other training video as the therapist often wants to show a perfect session with no resistance. As we all know, that isn’t the real world. You showed the real world and how to work through it.

When she finally went inside and noticed her real world, the visible shift was stunning to watch, and of course when she returned for the second session and the 6/3 benefits, she was a convert., which then added to the power of clearing what came up.

Thank you
Chris Gelder

Hi Matt,

I want to thank you so much for creating the Perfect Affirmation process
and sharing it.

It is a wonderful addition to my toolbox.

Also the video sessions that you share are priceless. I have watched these videos at least ten times and each time I get something new. By observing the sessions I learn so much about how to deal with some difficult situations that may come up. I appreciate how patient you are and how you elegantly guide people out of their heads and back into their bodies with out them even knowing 😉

I would love to observe more sessions…

Lydia Norris

Watching these sessions was  educational; especially the insight during the commentaries. As I imagined working with her, and felt like she was experiencing one thing yet saying something else…  and then having it pointed out during the commentaries, helped me to not only believe in myself more, my skills, but to trust and have faith in my training abilities that I am truly present with my clients – feeling connected to them and then learning tools to help them move through such blocks.

I’m forever grateful for the bootcamp hand-on trainings as well as the videos which has made my session flow more easily with greater success.

Wendy Goldstein, CMT, CCHT

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