Discover How To Pick Up Subtle Body Cues That Are CRITICAL In Helping Your Client Cleanse Old Feelings And Perceptions

In this advanced training Matt further goes into the subtleties of The Reflective Transformation! This one will go beyond the basics of the RT system into more “advanced” concepts and techniques.By the time you finish this video, you’ll have an in depth understanding of how the RT system REALLY works.

Particularly in this video, you’ll learn how Matt picks up on subtle body cues that are HUGE in helping the client cleanse old feelings and perceptions.

This lesson will help you come into contact with your “intuition” about a client’s feeling before the client will even know what he/she is feeling. This alone impresses a client so much and gains deep trust from them.

Matt shares an important exercise that he used, to become extremely sensitive to body language. Practicing this exercise will make your client’s think you’re psychic.

You’ll also see Breaking the connection” and the “Turn over” technique in action.

The Importance of Finding Subtle Body Cues

Matt adds his own insights throughout the entire video so you’ll know exactly what Matt was thinking during this session. This training is considered a little more advanced than some of the other training videos so you’ll want to watch this video a couple of times to make sure you really get it!

Here’s What Others Have To Say About This In-Depth Video Training

The Wendy video is different from other videos on the market. At times it is a bit challenging to watch. But, in a good way. Wendy has a lot of nervous energy and you really need to watch closely to pick up the cues her body is sending. Matt does a great job at pointing out the subtle cues within the chaos, and explaining what is going on within them.

We all know nervous/fidgety people, and with so much movement going on it can be distracting. Matt makes it seem so easy!One thing I noticed, is Wendy likes to ‘think’. Matt is so good at ‘calling her out’ on this, and pulling her back into her body. A must see video for the over analytical client who tends to ‘beat around the bush’.

Matt uses many different techniques, and seamlessly runs them together. It is a very informative, teaching session, with a little bit of everything in it. And, seeing her ‘before and after’ is nothing short of inspiring!


The first thing I was aware of: to have come from a place of “disgust” “at myself”, to then watch myself and realize, “I’m not disgusting.” J Was wonderful. To be able to hear your comments/compliments and to be able to accept them in, another gift.

To witness what I was holding onto and how it was affecting my lungs and then to watch my body relax, release, and open up, pretty terrific. To see me go from actively busy because I couldn’t be still to peace …amazing too.

I see a vibrant, youthful, happy women who is doing her best to be her best and wants the best for each and every person she has the privilege to work with. I saw the subtle difference/shifts when you pointed them out to me that I would have missed.

The releasing 10-0: I really couldn’t believe it was so simply to one moment be holding on so tightly to an emotion for all these years and really be free of it. So I was doing my best to find where I “hid it” again, as I couldn’t believe it was that simple and easy to let go of years of holding on.

I thought it to be so wonderful to have three or four big releases in such a short period of time, getting me to peace, and without having to bring up a scene, situation, event, as nothing surfaced….


Get POWERFUL Insights Into What Your Clients Are Experiencing In The Moment

Learning how to find those subtle body cues that most coaches and therapist will miss out on is critical to make sure that your client is aligned with their perfect affirmation. Understanding and being able to spot these cues and sensations will give you powerful insights into what your client is experiencing.


So if you’ve ever wanted to know how Matt spots these cues and sensations and discover what’s going on inside of his mind than check out his latest training video.

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