Discover How To Incorporate Meditation Within Your Sessions To Empower Your Client’s Ability To Heal Themselves

Matt goes beyond the basics and helps you refine certain techniques that you learned in some of the basic training courses and adds some amazing advanced concepts. 

You’ve watched Matt working and you’ve seen his commentaries about what’s going on in his mind during a session.  You know how detailed he can get!  You’ll see that once again! 

Meditation Can Be A POWERFUL Tool For Your Clients

If you haven’t realized it by now Meditation is a critical component of the Reflective Transformation system. Many components of the system come directly from my experiences with meditation.

In this advanced training you’ll see Matt work with a client to showcase and thoroughly explain some very subtle techniques that most healing modalities will miss. 

He covers so much it’s hard to encapsulate in a paragraph.  But specifically in this video you’ll see how Matt incorporates meditation within the session… 

As always Matt walks you through what he’s doing step by step  and, he makes it look so easy that you’ll be able to understand and effectively incorporate it into your own sessions.


This training video is 56 minutes long and will answer a lot of the questionsyou may have about incorporating Meditation within your session. This video is worth the $60.00 asking price all by it’s self, but Matt has a special surprise for you and it’s not even Christmas yet!

Story Time & A Gift From Matt

Recently Matt recorded a special 88 minute webinar with a select group of students going into even MORE detail and depth about meditation and incorporating within your sessions.

Matt actually recorded this webinar twice because he felt he could include even more value into the webinar. So he scheduled a second webinar with the same group of students.

Matt rescheduled another webinar, added all the extra material he didn’t get to add the first time around and….


Even though Matt checked, double checked and tripled checked all the settings the sound quality just didn’t turn out the way Matt hoped. 🙁

He tried messing with all those fancy sound editor settings and it just wouldn’t get to the level Matt wanted it.

If you’re reading this you probably know Matt pretty well so you know Matt didn’t feel comfortable selling this webinar as a stand alone product, especially with the sound issues.

So Matt decided to offer this 88 minute webinar as a FREE bonus just for purchasing the “Incorporating Meditation Within The Session To Empower Your Client’s Ability To Heal Themselves” training video

Matt really loves these long titles doesn’t he 😉

So with that being said let’s take a look at what you get with…..

The Power of Meditation Webinar

In this in-depth and detailed 88 minute webinar which was held with a select group of healing practitioners Matt went much deeper into the subtleties of what you’ll see in the Incorporating Meditation training video.

Matt astonishingly has much more to share that further explains more of the concepts and techniques of the RT system. 

webinar 1

There’s one particular concept and technique in here that COMPLETELY goes against most of the healing modalities out there! But as you’ll see from watching the practitioners in this video, that it could quite possibly the MOST important concept about healing!

Here’s What Others Have To Say About This In-Depth Video Training

As a career coach who uses modalities such as Faster EFT and meditation in my own coaching practice to help clear my clients blocks, the Reflective Transformation system has now become the first tool I pull out of the box!

I was astounded at how quickly and effortlessly Matt got to deep seeded emotions in my life without any forced stimulation or prodding. Everything was organic. Just by accessing and acknowledging the sensations in my body and understanding what they were trying to tell me, it all came flooding out.

But what really got me hooked, was the 6-3 benefits and replacing the old programming. Matt’s system has given me a consistent meditative practice that keeps me focused on cleansing, replacing and moving deeper into my spiritual growth.

Through his entire webinar, it became obvious that the body stored more inside of me than I ever knew possible. But what was really surprising is just how simple this system is to use by yourself. I’m still amazed at the stories my body drudges up and that need to be cleansed, then once I’ve allowed myself to feel these emotions, peace and clarity ensue.

If you are moving into spiritual growth and consciousness, do yourself a favor and give this a try. You’ll notice the results immediately.

Peter Yango

All of the instructional material in the Reflective Transformation System—and Matt Sison himself—is the gift that keeps on giving. I’ve bought many, many video and DVD programs, books and ebooks throughout the years since the original EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) materials in the late ‘90s and taken many thousands of dollars worth of live trainings for about 22 years in a number of modalities.

Matt’s work is a beautiful expansion of everything I’ve ever studied, and it insanely over-delivers in the depth and generosity of what he offers for an almost ridiculously low price (but no need to change that yet, Matt! :)).

First of all, the Reflection Transformation System itself gives practitioners the structure that I know I’ve longed for to make any kind of emotional cleansing work be so much easier and deeper. It gives a starting point for working on yourself and others that begins where it makes the most sense: in the body. And—most importantly—it gives the how-to that is missing from so many systems.

It can be frustrating to be stuck in your own head or to facilitate work with someone who is analyzing and overthinking his or her challenges. The question is, what can we do to shift the focus, and why does it matter? The Reflection Transformation System concretely provides these answers, with a great variety of effective and straightforward techniques that are amply demonstrated.

Watch the Julia and Bonnie videos and see tapping and the 6/3 Benefits process in action. Watch the Cindy video and see how to use contemplation for emotional cleansing—an eye-opener if you have used meridian tapping exclusively in the past.

All of Matt’s client videos include his detailed commentary on exactly what he is doing and why throughout the featured sessions so we can see his techniques in action with real people. I almost fell over when I saw him doing that because, seriously, who shares like this? For me, it’s a dream fulfilled because I can watch and re-watch and watch yet again, with zero chance of ever getting bored in this lifetime.

There is always something else to learn and practice, and it’s been nothing short of life-changing for me personally and professionally. I’ve got everything Matt has for sale and will snap up whatever else he adds to the store, knowing it will be top-notch and vital for my expanding toolkit. This is hands down the best way I’ve ever gotten to learn something outside of a live training with heavily supervised practice.

[Yes, that’s another hint for bootcamp, Matt! You schedule, I book ticket].

Finally, while Matt may not think it’s particularly special that he answers every single question anyone asks of him (in any number of fast and convenient ways), if you’re reading this, you know otherwise. He’s the most accessible mentor possible, and his coaching comes from an extraordinarily heart-centered and unapologetically spiritual place.

After a number of private coaching sessions with him, I’ve had subtle as well as mind-blowing changes in the entire way I view my life to date, topped off with an unprecedentedly positive view of my future.

It’s the first time I’ve felt free of regret for the worst experiences of my childhood and beyond, cleansed or not, and the first time I know in my bones that history would not play out in exactly the same way if I could go back now with the skills and understandings that Matt has helped me uncover. That’s huge for me. What’s the price of being free from regret? How do I even thank someone for that?

My husband and I refer to Matt as the “gentle genius”—with a laugh, of course, since he’s the least egotistical guy you’ll ever meet—and I wholeheartedly recommend his Reflection Transformation System and private coaching sessions to, let’s see…the whole world!


Two Great Training Videos For The Price of One!

So as a quick recap when you buy the Incorporating Meditation Within The Session To Empower Your Client’s Ability To Heal Themselves training video you’ll get the Power of Meditation Webinar FREE! That’s two great trainings for one price!

I think Meditation can be one of the most powerful tools we can ever give our clients and at the end of the day helping them is what we’re all about. We didn’t become healing practionaiers to become rich and famous, although that would be nice, we became what we are to help people become the best they can be!

So if you’re interesting in learning how to add meditation within your sessions just click the “Add to Cart” button below and you’ll be taken to the checkout page. As always thank you for just being you!

To Your Success,
Josh Houghton

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