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The Reflective Transformation For Food Binging

Bonnie SessionsIf you’re already watched Matt’s sessions with Julia, these two sessions will take your understanding of The Reflective Transformation System even further. You’ll see Matt actually use The Reflective Transformation System with one of his clients for a food binging issue.

You’ll literally get to watch over his shoulder and see exactly how he uses RT. Matt will break everything down in detail during these 2 sessions.

He’ll explain what he’s doing during the sessions and why he’s doing them, just like he did with the Julia sessions and you’ll see his client change right before your eyes!

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The Importance of Finding Subtle Body Cues

VideoThis is an advanced video for those that have already been through the videos in Reflective Transformation System. In this video, Matt will outline the subtle body cues that most healing modalities will miss out on. It’s a 20 minute excerpt of a session, but with Matt’s commentaries it’s close to an hour of learning!

In this advanced video, Matt discusses a 20 minute excerpt of a session he did with Wendy. Matt picked this 20 minutes because in this 20 minutes there’s a TON to learn from. You’ll see even moreso (after going through the RT program) the importance of acknowledging why the body is so important!

It will tell you everything if you let it.. and if you keep the patience to allow the body’s story to unravel in order to find the “truth.” Matt says pay attention to those fine details, it’s make the biggest difference in being great at what you do and being good.

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Incorporating Meditation Within The Session To Empower Your Client’s Ability To Heal Themselves

new4In this 2 part advance video series, Matt showcases the importance of including meditation and how to use it within a session, without the client even knowing they’re meditating! 

This will help empower your clients to meditate on their own so that they can keep their focus for peace, balance, success and inspired action.

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Surrender – Into The Dark Night of The Soul

surrender dark night into the soul

This CD/MP3 is geared toward helping you come back into contact with your connection to the divine. It’s made so that you can re-connect with your spiritual intuition and focus on the things that really matter!

When this happens, life flows naturally and abundantly and life becomes fulfilling and joyful. Inner peace becomes the more natural state and our abilities to manifest become organic and fluid.

“Listening to this goes beyond words. It resonates deep within. The words and music are divinely orchestrated and inspired by deep inner knowledge and wisdom.

When I listened to it for the first time I felt like I am finally on my way home after a long dark night of my own soul. I felt a deep cleansing release washing throughout my body, tears of relief… Be ready for a surprise!” – Alexandra Meissner Bley, Palo Alto California

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Weight Loss Made Simple

Weight Loss Made SimpleCreate harmony between Scientific Knowledge and Instinctual Wisdom to sculpt a lean, healthy body now!

Fitness Expert, Holistic nutritionist and Healthy Lifestyle Consultant Rick Schaff – M.S.H.N helps you regain your natural programming for health with an enlightening, eye opening lesson that simplifies the issues surrounding today’s health dilemmas and defines an easy to understand base for creating imporoved health and true weight loss..

Hypnotherapist, Matt Sison, then guides you through 2 powerful hypnosis sessions specifically geared to RE-PROGRAMING your subconscious mind for weight loss and the genuine health you were naturally born with!

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